so let me tell you about new bae


we met at the store, she complimented me on my makeup. she so gorgeous and so thick. she kept talking to me and all i could look at was her perfect titties. i told her i could give her my number to share tips. she texted me fast as hell and it got flirty pretty quick. i wasnt expecting that since she had a young son but oh she is down for whatever.

she texted me she was bored since her son was out of town and finished her homework. i told her she could come over for girls night 😋

she came over with the cutest pajama set (no panties). we started play fighting about choosing movies and the next thing you know, she takes off her shirt and the most luscious double dd breast were in my face. i couldnt take anymore. i got naked super quick and start sucking! she pulled me to her face and i played with the wettest pussy for about 5 minutes then i needed a taste. she came in my mouth quick as hell and to repay her, i found the strap. baby, that ass was rolling, pussy juice all on my thighs and my hands full of nipples. next thing you know she slides me to the floor, flips me around and ate my ass like she was starving. i squirted all over her pretty mocha face and she slides me up to kiss it off. we take a bath where all we do is wash, lick and repeat.

we go to bed but i grab the strap for one more round baby. i may be in love.